Many have called this almond butter the best they have ever tasted. Their reaction doesn’t surprise us because, like everything that comes out of our kitchen, it’s made from simple, true ingredients. First we take the best almonds we can source and toast them. Then we freshly grind them to the right consistency and season with salt. That’s it.

The result is a smooth almond butter ideal for morning toast. In the store we combine with jam for the perfect almond butter and jelly sandwich.

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1, 12 oz. Jar


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What can I say...I am an addict in the best sense of the word...THE BEST ALMOND BUTTER IN THE WORLD!


Can't get enough. Live in LA, order 3-4 jars at a time. The best almond butter I've ever tasted. I'm not sure what I'd do without it!

World's Best Almond Butter

I have probably consumed over 50 jars of this almond butter...it is my breakfast every day spread on a rice cake sometimes topped with strawberry jam. I am obsessed with it and have it shipped to me regularly in both Chicago and California...what can I say - I am obsessed with it - It is perfection!