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While our ordering deadline has passed and we cannot accept anymore pre-orders, many of our Thanksgiving Menu items will be available on Wednesday and Thursday on a first come, first serve basis after we have fulfilled pre-orders- see you soon!

A note on the Menu:

If there is one holiday that is specifically a “Cook’s Holiday” then it would be Thanksgiving!  Nothing is more gratifying to a cook than cooking up a storm for friends, family and loved ones. And our new kitchen garde here at Bklyn Larder, Buzz Frazier and Patrick Shaw-Kitch, have really stepped up to the plate this year to create the most fantastic Thanksgiving spread that we have ever offered at Bklyn Larder!

This being our 7th Holiday Season here at Bklyn Larder, our menu has evolved year after year to bring you the following feast, which you can serve up in any size home and for any size group!

Not hosting? No Problem!  Order “a la carte” and be the coolest guest when you show up with your Bklyn Larder dishes—all menu items are available for pickup the day before Thanksgiving if you are traveling, or on Thanksgiving Day.

Main Course

We source the finest turkeys we can find. Our all-natural, free-range turkeys come from Oink & Gobble Farm up in Interlaken, New York, and we have never tasted better turkeys anywhere!

  • We remove all the bones and brine the turkeys so that the meat will remain tender, flavorful and juicy even after we have roasted them to perfection. Simply reheat, slice and serve! (Sorry, no wishbone…)
  • Our giblet gravy is made from scratch, using stock from the roasted turkey bones.
  • And, of course… the side dishes! Chef Buzz has thrown down the gauntlet this year to offer you a wide range – from traditional classics like our creamy mashed potatoes using only the best potatoes grown upstate & butter and cream from local dairies… our Cauliflower Gratin is spiked with the piquant flavor of aged 1655 Gruyere cheese; or how about a roasted Acorn Squash stuffed with Farro, Sausage & Sage? Wild Rice & Long Grain Rice Pilaf with Almonds & Shallots is making a debut on our Thanksgiving offerings, as are Patrick’s Homemade Potato Rolls using all organic, NY milled flour!

Pastry Chef Patrick is adding magical touches to the Thanksgiving Classics! 

His delicious Pumpkin Pie uses Upstate, NY Cheese Pumpkins for the smoothest texture… his Pecan Pie is the perfect union of sticky sweet and nutty and his traditional NY Apple Pie is baked into the “buttery-est”, flakiest pie dough EVER!

We love food. We love to cook. We love Thanksgiving!

Here’s to a wonderful season, and we look forward to hearing from you!
Sergio, Franny & Andrew

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