An accomplished pastry chef (he’s worked at Jean George, Danube, and Aureole—to name a few) with many accolades to his name, Nathan Miller has now turned his talents towards making craft chocolate in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The result is tasty, nuanced dark chocolate with the just the right addition of goodies from mint to toffee.

The Dark Mint Bar is 70% organic Hispaniola cacao and cacao nibs (the bar has a nice crunch to it!) with a light mint aftertaste.

The Everything Bar has all of our favorite (slightly guilty) additions.  Made from 55% buttermilk chocolate with the addition of house-made toffee, roasted almonds, and candied ginger.

The Salt and Wafer Bar is 45% buttermilk chocolate with the addition of crunchy wafers and a sprinkling of Himalayan Pink Salt.

A winner at the 2015 Good Food Awards, The 70% Ghana Chocolate Bar is made entirely with fair trade cacao. A rich dark chocolate with notes of caramel, coconut, and dates. 

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