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It’s an alpine-grana combo! This piave has the nuttiness of a grana cheese, such as Grana padano or Parmigiano, yet the slightly creamier mouthfeel and fruity taste that we would find in an alpine. Made from the milk of cows who graze in the lush grasses (hence the sweeter, more herbaceous flavor) of the Piave river in Italy’s northern, alpine region, the cheese is not aged as long as a traditional grano cheese which also contributes to its more subtle flavor. 

Despite not being as grainy as parmigiano, the piave is still an excellent choice for grating over fresh vegetables and incorporating into salads. However, it also can be eaten on its own or on a cheese platter.

Country/ Region: Veneto, Italy

Style: Alpine

Milk type: Raw Cow

Age: 12 Months

Rennet: Animal

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