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Kristina Graeber, General Manager

Kristina Graeber, who hails from Southern California, grew up eating healthy, wholesome food. From her grandmother's ragu to her mother's granola, an appreciation for fresh ingredients and slow cooking was instilled from an early age. She worked her way through college and grad school waiting tables, slinging drinks and generally making people feel at home in bars and restaurants all over this city, but she hung up the apron to pursue a career in textile sourcing. Throughout her 8 years in the fashion industry, she always thought fondly about her days in hospitality, yearning for something more local and sustainable. She has found that sense of community and a shared passion for great food at Bklyn Larder, and she loves discovering new tastes every day! When she's not at the Larder, you can find her cruising around on two wheels, in search of a good sip, a nice bite or a long stretch!

Patrick Shaw-Kitch, Executive Chef

Patrick grew up in Salinas, California. One the biggest agriculture areas in the country, it's known as the "Salad Bowl of the world" and the home of John Steinbeck. He grew up eating Mexican food, and had long been eating conchas before he ever had a croissant. He started working in kitchens at the age of 14, at a summer camp, working from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m., getting a taste of the lifestyle. After graduating from college he went straight back into kitchens and never looked back. He loves to create food that focuses on a single ingredient or a couple of ingredients, letting the quality of the ingredients be the star. 

Patrick lived in Seattle for 7 years after college and moved to Brooklyn 2 years ago. He enjoys running, reading, cooking and eating when not at work.


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