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Jan and Roos van Schie produce this exemplary “Boerenkaas,” or traditional farmhouse gouda, on their small organic farm—which happens to be located on a windmill-dotted island in the middle of a lake in Southern Holland. The cows feed on lush, mineral-rich grasses while Roos serenades the aging wheels with the opera she is banned from singing inside the house

Wilde Weide is creamy in texture despite its age, a quality that provides delightful contrast to the crunchy crystals scattered throughout its paste. It has the expected sweetness of an aged gouda, set off by an unexpected fruity bite & a smooth, bourbon-like booziness. Pairs well with dried cherries, dark Belgian beers, and toasted nuts. 

Country/ Region: Zwanburgerpolder, South Holland, The Netherlands

Style: Gouda, Pressed

Milk type: Raw Cow

Age: 15+ Months

Rennet: Animal 

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