With so much unknown, one thing we know for certain is that we must keep supporting our local makers and farmers. This includes the many cheesemakers that haven’t had the option of “slowing production”. Many of the cheeses that are ready for sale now were actually made months ago, with makers producing enough for all of the restaurants that typically buy from them. With less restaurants able to remain open due to COVID-19, as well as many cheese shops like us temporarily closing, this means makers have a surplus of cheese.

How can you help?

Eat more cheese (easy enough!), and buy directly from the makers instead of your major grocery store chain. Knowing that many are choosing to stay home and have their groceries delivered, more and more cheesemakers are now offering online shopping options.

There are several lists and guides on how to find local cheesemakers that are offering curbside pickup, online ordering, shipment, and other creative solutions to promote social distancing. We like this one from Janet Fletcher because it has a mix of makers and farms from all over the US that are offering shipment.

If you’ve been in our shop before, you are probably familiar with Crown Finish Caves and their delightful cheeses…we always carry several. They are now offering online ordering and

shipment. Send yourself a taste of Brooklyn to hold you over until you can visit again. Our favorites are Tubby, Barnburner, Bufarolo, and Goatlet.

Now is the time to discover a new cheese, try your hand at making a cheeseboard, and to support your local makers. 

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