It seems that everywhere we look we are seeing more and more people sharing recipes, posting about their bread making adventures, and sharing their latest meal creations. Those that normally don’t venture into the kitchen are now getting creative with how they are feeding themselves. With so much cooking at home and for many of us, a lot of snacking; deciding on a treat to satisfy your craving can be just as challenging as agreeing on what is for dinner. Below we’ve come up with some ideas for quarantine snacks that might spark your creativity and satisfy your hunger!

Grilled Cheese Flight

Grilled cheese sandwiches are normally seen as a meal, but why can’t they also be a snack?! April is actually National Grilled Cheese Month, and what can be seen as a very mundane sandwich can quickly become something very exciting. Make a grilled cheese flight by making mini sandwiches…use a cookie cutter to make unique shapes, or simply cut your slice of bread into quarters. Try different cheeses, mayo instead of butter, and even add toppings like pickles or your favorite dijon mustard. We love using Prairie Breeze Cheddar with McClure’s Pickles and mayo. Dip your mini sandwiches in a small cup of tomato soup and turn this classic dish into an exciting snack. 

Granola on Everything!

Granola is delicious and filling. You can of course make your own, but we are obviously biased toward our Larder-Made Granola. While we are still closed, try your hand at making some home-made! Regardless of where the granola comes from, put it on homemade smoothie bowls, ice cream, or apple slices with Brooklyn Queen Honey drizzled on top.

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

We’ve reached that point in quarantine where we are dreaming of Laurie and Sons Toffee. It’s been long enough since we’ve had one of those little bite sized pieces that dreams are made of. While it isn’t the same, try your hand at making some homemade toffee. Crumble it and put it on top of ice cream or just break it into little bite sized pieces.

Send us your favorite quarantine snacks and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram in all of your Larder-Inspired foodie ventures! 

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