Kombucha: The fermented tea with increasing popularity, known for its probiotics and ability to improve gut health. Well, whether you love kombucha or aren’t a huge fan; we have found the next best thing…JuneShine hard kombucha. Place an order here and keep reading to find out more. 

About JuneShine

When wandering through your local grocery store, it is fairly easy to find local, sustainable options in almost every aisle…except alcohol. This problem is what inspired the creators of JuneShine Hard Kombucha. Invented by a team of adventurers, artists, and creatives on a mission to provide an honest alcohol for a healthier planet. The answer: JuneShine.

JuneShine was inspired by Jun, a cousin of traditional kombucha that is made with honey; making it lighter and removing the vinegar taste that is typical of traditional kombucha. Using a recipe to increase the alcohol content that exists in traditional Jun; and by fermenting organic green tea, honey, organic cane sugar, organic fruits, and their own symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY…what makes kombucha, well, kombucha); they’ve come up with the perfect brew. Once complete, they add a mixture of organic fruit juices and spices; making JuneShine a drink everyone can enjoy, even if you don’t love kombucha.

In the end there is no artificial coloring, GMOs, pesticides, or corn syrup. Like traditional kombucha, each can is also packed with probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants. This means you can have a guilt-free good time!

The Flavors 

In a world where you can find any flavor of spiked seltzer possible, having a unique variety is essential. JuneShine has exactly that, and we currently have two of these delicious varieties. 

Hopical Citrus: Brewed with organic Simcoe hops, grapefruit, citrus zest, green tea, honey, cane sugar, and jun kombucha. Citrus flavors forward, but perfect if you’re looking for something with a hoppy kick.

Hibiscus Lime 100: each can is only 100 calories and incredibly refreshing. These are perfect if you’re looking for something light to sip on or if you like spiked seltzer, but are looking for something even better. Light floral taste with a hint of lime for your beach day. 

For Kombucha lovers and those still on the fence, JuneShine is for you. A must-have for your summer days; place an order online for pickup or delivery (yes, we deliver alcohol!), or come see us in person. Must be 21+ and have a valid ID to purchase. 

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