We don’t know what your end of summer plans consist of, but ours definitely include evening picnics with cold beers and cheese plates. We’ve been exploring new cheeses and think you’ll enjoy munching on them just as much as we do, which is why we’ve added six new ones to the site. You can read about them below and be sure to place an order today before they’re gone!

Schaap Lust

A raw sheep’s milk gouda from the Netherlands. This gouda has a more unique bready flavor, with a nice crunch and sweetness. Pair it with some fresh fruit and a Threes Brewing What Might Have Been, a German-style helles lager.

Suisse Alpage Gruyere

When looking for a good gruyere, a summer milk is always a safe bet. When livestock are milked during the summer months, this means that they’ve been feeding on fresh grass and wildflowers, making their milk more flavorful. This one is produced in the Swiss Alps and has a funkier taste than your average gruyere, easily making it the star of your next cheese board.

C’era Una Volta

A pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese from Italy that is aged in volcanic ash. Doing so provides the cheese with, you guessed it, a smoky flavor. This cheese also possesses a unique limestone mineral taste and granular texture, making it a fun conversation starter that is sure to impress your friends.

Gran Pepe

This is what pasta night dreams are made of. After you finish your drinks and cheese plate appetizer, use Gran Pepe to make the best Cacio e Pepe you’ve ever tasted. This is a pecorino style cheese with peppercorns mixed in, giving the whole wheel a peppery flavor.


Delicious cubed or on a sandwich, this is a New Zealand style cheddar made in Wisconsin. We love small-batch american cheese makers, as they are always creating exciting cheeses and blends. Made with both cow and goat’s milk, each bite starts off sweet and buttery, then transitions into a nice tang, and finishes off creamy and fruity.

Pyrenees Brebis

Finally, Pyrenees Brebis is made from a floral sheep’s milk in France’s Pyrenees Mountains. It is sweet, grassy, and nutty; pairing beautifully with Brooklyn Queen Honey and fresh fruit. If you are a fan of Ossau Iraty, then this will be a new favorite. 

You can find these cheeses and more online and in-store. Be sure to let us know which ones are your favorites and tag us in pictures of your picnics and cheese plates. @bklynlarder

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