In January we wrote a blog comparing the zodiac signs to Larder sandwiches. Now, what feels like a lifetime later, our menu has almost entirely changed! This means that an update is needed, so here you have it…the zodiac signs as current menu items.

CAPRICORN- Summer Cassoulet Salad


Let’s face it, you’re practical. You need a meal that will fuel you during your busiest days, and we have exactly that. Our Summer Cassoulet Salad is both filling and delicious, putting to shame those lame Caesars and whatever a “House Salad” is. Duck confit on a bed of greens with white beans, mint, chorizo, radish, cherry tomatoes, and croutons; topped with a lemon dressing. Once you have this salad, you’ll never look back.

AQUARIUS- THE Cucumber Sandwich


You’re easy going and have a big heart. Our new cucumber sandwich is perfect for you, because it’s vegetarian and doesn’t sound flashy, but is sure to surprise you. Herbed cream cheese, sprouts, house-made olive tapenade, cucumbers, and radish; served on sliced whole wheat bread. This is not some delicate finger food, and will leave you feeling more than satisfied.

PISCES- Shrimp Cakes with Spicy Mayo


You have great taste, and you’re probably at the beach soaking up every bit of summer with your quaranteam. When you’re packing for your beach day, be sure to get some of our shrimp cakes with spicy mayo. With lemon, bell pepper, and scallions; these taste like summer and are the best beach meal.

ARIES- Tri-Tip Cemita


You’re fierce, which is why you should try our Tri-Tip Cemita. Tender tri-tip with salsa verde, refried beans, pickled jalapeno, and queso Oaxaca; served hot on a seeded roll. It packs just enough heat to match your personality, but is cooled by the queso and your sweet smile.

TAURUS- Duck Breast Bacon Sandwich


It’s no secret that you’re a bit of a food snob. Our Duck Breast Bacon Sandwich is one that is sure to impress you. Only available on Saturdays and Sundays, this sandwich requires a lot of time and love to prepare. Chef Fred breaks down whole locally raised duck, saving the breasts to spend two days curing in brown sugar, maple syrup, and a variety of spices. Finally, they are smoked in-house with apple wood for intense flavor, cooked, and sliced to order for this sandwich. Paired with a celery root remoulade and fried egg on a brioche bun, this sandwich should definitely be part of your weekend routine.


MAY 21-JUNE 20

We know you are curious and sometimes indecisive. Trying the G’Tom is a no-brainer, given that it has been one of our best selling sandwiches every summer for the last few years. The key ingredient is the house-marinated green tomatoes. These, paired with fresh mozzarella and basil, make the perfect combination of tart and creamy. Cure your curiosity and try this Larder classic.

CANCER- THE Vegetarian Lasagna


You’re nurturing and like to be comforted, which is why this comfort food is the perfect match. Sauteed vegetables in a bechamel sauce, topped with creamy mozzarella. This lasagna is warm and creamy, making it essential for rainy days at home.

LEO- Fried Chicken Sandwich


#TreatYourself with this new favorite amongst our team. Buttermilk fried chicken, with lettuce, red onion, house-made dill pickles, and Kewpie mayo on a brioche bun. We think you’ll be just as enthusiastic about this sandwich as we are.

VIRGO- Black Garlic Ranch Chicken Salad Sandwich


Just as detail oriented as you, this sandwich checks all the boxes. Our house-made black garlic ranch (you read that right), with a classic chicken salad…sweet juicy grapes and hearty local chicken. The ratio of ranch to chicken salad is always perfect, and the sliced whole wheat bread is always fresh.

LIBRA- Pork Belly, Lettuce, and Tomato


The Pork Belly, Lettuce, and Tomato, or PBLT, is fit for your balanced lifestyle. Our unique take on a classic BLT, this sandwich packs equal amounts of salty, fresh, savory and juicy flavors.

SCORPIO- Larder Meatballs


Scorpios are deeply connected with others, and our meatballs have a cult-like following. The secret is in the sauce, making these meatballs your new obsession.

SAGITTARIUS- Bratwurst Sandwich


As intellectual as you are, we think you might agree with us that a bratwurst on a bun is in fact a sandwich, and that our Bratwurst Sandwich is the menu item for you! Served with sauerkraut and whole grain mustard, this will be your new favorite sandwich.

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