Fall brings a whole host of new seasonal flavors and ingredients along with it. Traditional coffee, doughnut, and cookie flavors are entirely upended to make way for the ephemeral Pumpkin Spice. At the Larder, that means new seasonal beers on our shelves! And of course, we have the best cheeses to compliment these new Autumn brews and enhance seasonal flavors.

Leaf Pile Ale & Caveman Blue

  • Hailing from Greenport NY, this copper-colored pumpkin ale is best for true pumpkin lovers. Described as “pumpkin pie in a glass”, this beer is a smooth mouthful of ginger, cinnamon, spice and nutmeg. We recommend pairing it with our rich and salty Caveman Blue Cheeses from Rogue Creamery. The spices in the beer are balanced by the tangy notes from the blue cheese making for the perfect bite!

Wish List & Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

  • Wish List is the quintessential Oktoberfest. Touted as a crisp, bready lager with hints of citrus, this beer hits the spot on cooler, autumn days. Try it with an aged semi-hard cheddar cheese, like our Sparkenhoe Red Leicester from Neals Yard Dairy. The low acidity and full flavor of the cheese compliments all the earthy, citric notes on the Wish List.

Grimm & Triple Cream

  • Our fellow Brooklyners know that Grimm makes a mean brew. The latest on their shelves (and ours!) is a twist on their West-Coast style IPA, fermented with 100% barley (no oats or wheat). The result is a fall forest flavor, refreshing bitter, with notes of lemon and pine sap. We love pairing IPA’s with high-fat content cheeses because the hops help cut through the fat. Try the Centennial Rewind Grimm with our fluffy, creamy, Champlain Valley Organic Triple Cream.

Stop by our store this month to try any of these delicious beer & cheese combos, or talk to our store cheesemongers in-store to find your ideal pairing!  

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