The upcoming election – is an important one. And at BKLYN Larder, we want to ensure that everyone feels empowered to vote. This week, we talked to our colleagues about why it’s important to them to vote and why they’re showing up to the polls on November 3rd (or via mail before) to get their voice heard. Here’s what they had to say.

Mandy, Owner: “I’ve never missed a vote, because that’s just what I do as an American. This year feels different – there is so much on the line. I’m voting for dear friends who are Dreamers, for refugee children who will never be reunited with their parents, for women’s rights, gun safety, environmental protection, public health, economic relief. Issues that were always important to me are now existential. I’m grateful to live in a state aligned with my values – I’m voting so that I can live in a country that does, too.”

Katie, Business & Catering Manager: “As a woman and a mother who is raising a daughter, a lot of the issues that are prevalent in this election are vital in my life. Voting is important to me because it means I’m investing in my children’s future, and ensuring that I’m setting up my children and my children’s children for a safe future”.

Joan, Chief Operations: “I’ve always voted, but this year I’m voting because it’s imperative for the future of our country. I’m lucky to have the privilege to vote relatively easily and safely, and having this opportunity reminds me to continue to be an engaged citizen of my community in other ways, like volunteering and supporting local businesses.”

Fred, Chef: “I grew up in a small town in the midwest in a battleground state in a politically active family- my father was an elected official in our county. I had to go to local fairs, walk in parades, sit at events. I hated politics. I hated the attack ads that never ended in our state. I vowed never to be a part of it, including voting. As a grown up, I’ve been lucky to live in diverse parts of the country, especially around New York. I get to work alongside people from all walks of life and from all over the world. My perspective has been challenged and changed, and I am better for it. And I better use my right to vote, for those who can’t and to speak up for the things I believe in.” 

David, Head of Gifting & Mail Order: “I view voting as an American right and tradition. As a democracy, you have to be part of the process. In fact, I view it as a civic duty and take pride in my right to vote. Be part of the process!”

This Election Season, we’re giving out FREE cookies (chocolatey, salty, delicious) to anyone who shows us they voted from now through Nov 3rd.

Simply show us a pic of you mailing your absentee ballot, or with your ‘I Voted’ sticker, and we’ll give you a cookie. If you live in the neighborhood, Barclays Center may even be your early voting site

Vote = Cookie. It’s that easy.

BKLYN Larder recognizes the importance of voting. This year our stores will be closed until noon on Election Day, Tuesday Nov 3rd to allow ample time for all our employees to vote.

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