It’s week 14789 of quarantine, and you’ve officially run out of fun, at-home ideas. Don’t despair, we’ve got just the thing. Picture this: a beautiful cheese and accoutrement kit is shipped right to your door, an unboxing of joy when you unwrap your cheeses, chocolate, crackers and jams. Then an evening filled with tasty treats, mind-blowing cheese pairings and learning about artisanal & small batch cheese producers. 

You can have all this and more. Oh wait it gets even better? We have two ways to go about it; 

  1. Schedule a Private Virtual Cheese Tasting. 

Simply browse our selection of tastings – we offer Monger’s Choice, European, American and Larder’s Favorites – pick your preferred theme, send us a date and time and we will get scheduling! We do our best to accommodate most date/time preferences although nothing is guaranteed. In order to secure your date we suggest emailing with as much advance notice as possible. Each kit serves 2 people and will be shipped in time to arrive to the individual houses before the event. Then sit back, relax, and join your coworkers / friends / family / clients for an educational, informative & fun hour to remember. Best part? You’re almost guaranteed to some tasty leftovers to munch on over the next few days. 

  1. Join us for a Monthly Virtual Cheese & Small Business Discussion 

Each month we meet with small makers to discuss their products, how their businesses came to be, and then we taste our cheeses, products, and discuss flavors & pairings. In January we spoke with John Wiseman, CEO & founder of Curious Elixirs, a hudson valley non-alcoholic beverage company that bottles sophisticated beverages to mimic your classic cocktails. In February, we are meeting with Raaka Chocolate, creators of unroasted, organic chocolate in neighboring Red Hook Brooklyn to discuss cheese & chocolate pairings and why these two items are so tasty when paired together. 

No matter your preference – whether you want to relax and have a laugh in a small group with family and friends or join one of our monthly tastings and learn about a new interesting product and meet some new people, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out our tastings today and let you gut be your guide 😉

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