At BKLYN Larder we believe that ethically made, small batch, and seasonable foods are at the core of a sustainable lifestyle. As a community food provider and national food & gift brand, we have the power to educate people about the food they eat and the ways they can positively impact the environment. It is with these goals in mind that we have partnered with Chefs for Impact to raise awareness about sustainable gastronomy.

Chefs for Impact was founded in March 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic to educate and inspire people to be a part of their local food system. One of the creative ways they introduced this concept to the public was through a calendar that also serves as a New York-area seasonal food guide.

Chefs For Impact Calendar

This special collaboration with NY-based illustrator Pauline Lévêque  is an easy-to-use, playful guide that showcases monthly fresh food availablity. For any calendar purchase at BKLYN Larder, the equivalent number will be given to New York City Schools. 100% of the calendar proceeds go directly to the Chefs for Impact non-profit organization which also educates students about agriculture and healthy eating habits. The calendars are printed in New York City on 100% recycled paper.

There are other ways to support Chefs for Impact that include immersive experiences with renowned chefs and farmers as well a additional edcuational materials beyond the Eat Seasonably calendar. We welcome everyone to visit their website, get informed, and to become involved in their own local food system.

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