June is LGTBQ Pride month in New York City. While the big, public events will be kept to a minium this year as the city comes out of COVID, vaccinated friends and family will be planning to gather and celebrate community during Pride month. BKLYN Larder has some fun and delicious suggestions for your Pride party platters that will not only add some brightness to your day, but will also have you supporting LGBT-owned food makers and allies.

For beautifully designed sweets, Mayana’s Salted Caramels and Pride Bars will hit the spot. Hand crafted with locally sourced ingredients, Mayana brings vibrant flavors to your party along with gorgeous design. For the discerning chocolatier of your group, Omnom’s Caramel Bar is a must. Fudgy, organic ingredients from Iceland make this epic bar an experience.


For your cheese boards and platters, LGBTQ-owned FireFly Farms and Nettle Meadow Farm have just the right cheeses for you. Carpenter’s Wheel from FireFly has a flavor profile of caramelized milk and a floral quality that pairs perfectly with champagne. Serve with hot honey or cherry preserves to truly bring out the flavor of this cheese. Nettle Meadow’s Sappy Ewe is an award winning cheese that took first place in the 2019 U.S. Cheese Championships. It’s a mixed cow and sheep’s milk cheese that’s infused with maple reduction. Taste it along with a sweet marmalade and biscuit to enjoy the hints of grass, mushroom and light maple.

To round out your amazing Pride party platters, don’t forget the meat and hot sauce with your cheese and sweets. Two amazing LGBTQ-owned companies you can support are Two Chicks Jerky and Shaquanda Will Feed You. Two Chicks Jerky sources beef from ethically raised, free range cattle and have delectable flavors like our Larder-favorite, Carne Asada. Pair that with Brooklyn’s own, Shaquanda Will Feed You Hot Sauce and you have a winning pair.

If you’re looking for a more interactive learning experience this Pride, join us for our Virtual Cheese Tasting to support the Ali Forney Center on June 17th. We’ve pulled together some of these delicious food brands to bring awareness to LGBTQ youth homelessness. The Ali Forney Center is the largest organization in the nation that is dedicated to serving the needs of homeless LGBTQ youth. For every 10 Virtual Cheese Tasting Gift Boxes we sell, $100 will be donated to the Ali Forney Center. Email us at info@bklynlarder.com for more details and have a wonderful, safe Pride season.

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