BKLYN Larder sources small batch, ethically-made, and seasonal foods that can now be delivered monthly to your door with the return of our Cheese of the Month Club. Your Cheese Club subscription is a celebration of the world’s best cheeses; from aged Alpines and Goudas to fresh goat cheese and American originals. Our mongers select unique cheeses at their peak to be shipped out every third Tuesday of the month along with tasting notes that offer recommendations to get the most out of your experience. The more you know about your food, the better it tastes!

Our Cheese Club subscription comes in the three variations: 1) Cheese Only 2) Cheese & Chocolate 3) Cheese & Meat. Each variation has the option of a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month duration. Choose the one that best suits your palette or gift a subscription to your favorite cheese lover. The last day to subscribe to July’s monthly celebration is Monday, July 19th.

July Subscription Cheeses

Manchego 1605 – Made from the milk of a single herd of Mancha sheep, this cheese is exquisitely aged in an unwaxed rind which allows just the right amount of moisture to escape and create a crumbly-melt-in-your-mouth texture. It’s grassy and nutty with a perfect amount of salt.

Mini Kunik – Handmade in the Adirondacks by Nettle Meadow Farm, Kunik is a semi-aged mold-ripened wheel made from goat milk and cow cream.

Crown Jewel – Crown Jewel is the first collaboration of Roelli Cheese Haus in Wisconsin with single source milk from Peter Cernek Family Farm. Aged in Brooklyn, NY at Crown Finish Caves, Crown Jewel delivers notes of butterscotch, fresh fruit, and buttered toast.

July Subscription Cheese & Chocolate

Cheese and Chocolate

A wheel of Mini Kunik and a half pound of Crown Jewel join these two artisanal chocolates for July:

Dick Taylor Fleur De Sel – Dick Taylor is a small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate maker that specializes in single origin, two ingredient chocolate. Their Fleur De Sel chocolate bar is made using their award winning, two ingredient 73% Northerner Blend Chocolate along with a mix of Brazilian and Madagascan cacao sweetened with Brazilian cane sugar. A sprinkling of hand-harvested Guatemalan sea salt from Bitterman Salt Co. is added for a subtle and delicate finish.

Marou 70% Tien Gang mini bar – Six Vietnamese provinces lent their names to the single-origin chocolate bars that built Marou. As a product of nature, the cacao that defines each bar tells us so much about soil and season. Some of the Mekong Delta’s most delicate cacao flourishes on island orchards that lie just a boat ride away from Saigon. Look for subtle traces. of cinnamon and honey in the Tien Gang Bar.

July Subscription Cheese & Meat

Cheese and Charcuterie

A wheel of Mini Kunik and a half pound of Crown Jewel join meats from Brooklyn Cured. Their products are never made with any antibiotics, nitrates or nitrites, added hormones, or animal byproducts.

Brooklyn Cured Sweet Soppressata Chub – A mild pork salami with an authentic flavor inspired by the salami that hangs from the ceilings of the great Italian pork stores in Brooklyn and the Bronx. The flavor profile is sweet and classic: black pepper, white wine, and a hint of garlic.

Brooklyn Cured Spicy Beef Salami (Sliced) – This special salami is seasoned with paprika, black pepper, and garlic. It’s naturally smoked and is the perfect accompaniment for cheese.

Don’t worry if you miss the cut off date for a July Cheese Club subscription. Starting July 20, you can sign up for August! You can also order cheese from BKLYN Larder 365 days a year as well as custom food gifts for any occasion. We ship two day delivery to anywhere in the United States.


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