Acetaia Giusti Balsamic Vinegars

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Since 1605, Giuseppe Giusti has been making exception balsamic vinegars in Modena, Italy and is celebrated worldwide for its superior quality. Giuseppe Giusti has won countless distinctions and awards throughout the years, including being a supplier to royalty and in 1861, winning a gold medal for their “90 years old balsamic vinegar" at the Italian National Fair in Florence. Choose your flavor from:

-Silver Medal: Characterized by a rich perfume and an agreeable and rounded balsamic acidity, the “Medaglia d’Argento” is an aromatic balsamic vinegar, enhancing the flavors of any dish with its intensity. In cuisine it can be used fresh or can be heated in cooking preparations.

Ingredients: Must of cooked grapes, aged wine vinegar.

Aging: In French oak barrels, from the 1900s with the addition of aged balsamic vinegar extracted from centuries old casks.

-Premio: Born for the celebration of the 400 years of the Giusti family production, the “Quarto Centenario” is a balsamic of extreme fullness, deeply aromatic, with scents of ripe fruits, accompanied by notes of tobacco, roasted coffee and hints of wood, thanks to its long aging.

Ingredients: Must of cooked grapes, aged wine vinegar.

Aging: In series of antique small casks, dating back to the 1800‘s. Extracted once a year in a limited quantity.

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