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Arete was started by David and Leslie Senk in Milipitas, CA, and later moved to Spencer, TN. They focus on high quality ingredients, choosing to produce in small-batches, sometimes in batches as small as 100 bars. Choose your flavor:

Colombia Tumaco 56%: Arete's first Colombian chocolate bar.  Colombian cacao is a wonderful “swords to plowshares” story – after fifty years of conflict between the government and FARC there is now peace and the government is encouraging farmers to switch from growing coca (for cocaine) to growing cacao.

Gianduja Bar: Our 2017 Good Food Award winning Gianduia Bar is made with hazelnuts from Piedmont Italy and Brazil Fazenda Camboa cocoa beans. Added hazelnut chunks give this bar a delightful texture, and the flavor combination is a classic. We've pulled every lever we know of to make this bar as delicious as possible, including pressing our own hazelnut flour and cocoa butter.

India Idukki 70%: Strongest notes of caramel and fudge. Lighter notes of floral, nuts, and fruit, with a slight bitterness.  

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