Usually when we think of cakes (pound or any other kind), we think of a cake whose richness and texture comes from melted or creamed butter. However, for this cake, we use olive oil, Arbequina to be exact.

For sweetness, we start by rubbing together lemon and orange zest into sugar. Then we incorporate the olive oil (instead of butter). Add eggs, vanilla, flour, baking powder, and salt in batches and we have our batter. Once the cakes have cooled we glaze them with the classic mixture of powdered sugar and lemon juice.

The result is a light, extremely moist cake with the sweet finish of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A fantastic treat when gathering with family for a special occasion! Great alongside coffee and tea any time of day.

Each cake comes in a 9" paper mold and is roughly 13 oz. 

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Another yummy treat

This is another winner - I included this in a gift box to my co-worker, a fellow foodie, and he loved it!