A Roast Beef Sandwich, Hot and Cold

A Roast Beef Sandwich, Hot and Cold

31st Aug 2017

What’s your favorite sandwich?

We start with a top round roast from the Happy Valley Meat Company — a company near State College, PA, that works with small family farms. We dry cure the meat for 12 hours and then slow roast it until it’s juicy.

Thin slices go on to an Amy’s Baguette, along with our special “beefy onions,” a fresh, tangy, horseradish-mayo and — the arguable pièce de résistance — slices of easy-melting Schnebelhorn.

This pungent wonder is made from the milk of a herd of 50 Brown Swiss cows in the province of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and named for the mountain — the highest peak — that separates St. Gallen from Zurich. (Get it? Schnebelhorn the mountain is a standout, just like Schnebelhorn the cheese.)

We put all that goodness under a Panini press, until the Schnebelhorn is melty, and goodness, do you ever have yourself a sandwich… •

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