Everybody Loves Ham & Gruyere

Everybody Loves Ham & Gruyere

31st Aug 2017

If Prosciutto & Butter is the quietest sandwich on our menu, Ham & Gruyere is the most outgoing — and for great reasons.

It starts with Berkshire pork (heritage breed, humanely raised) from Heritage Farms USA that we slow-roast in-house until it’s hugely flavorful and deliciously juicy. (And to that point, all our meats arrive fresh, never frozen, because freezing breaks down the protein and changes the moisture content, which reduces the flavor.)

We pair that juicy ham with Gourmino Gruyere, a cheese made by cheesemakers in the Fribourg region of Switzerland who band together to make one of the region’s most beloved cheeses from the milk of cows fed on their area’s alpine grasses.

Next, we take a spicy McClure’s Pickles and slice it thin.

When you order, we take ciabatta from Grandaisy Bakery, slice and lightly toast it, rub one side with garlic and give it a slick of mayonnaise, while the other side gets a smear of butter.

On go the ham, pickles and Gruyere (with the Gruyere touching the butter — insider tip!), the whole gets a cut with a sharp knife, and our visiting friends are in sandwich heaven.

We’d love to know: What’s your favorite sandwich?

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