Going the Extra Mile for a Perfect Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

Going the Extra Mile for a Perfect Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

31st Aug 2017

Our Chicken Cutlet Sandwich begins, importantly, with chicken from Giannone Poultry, in Quebec. We strive to be local, so that’s certainly farther afield than many products we carry. But for good reasons.

First, Canadian laws, unlike U.S. laws, dictate that everything an animal eats must be disclosed, and that’s tremendously meaningful to us. As Michael Pollan has said, “You are what you eat eats.”

Second, Giannone houses its animals in a facility with lots of room to roam. And, it processes the chickens using an air-chilling system, instead of a water-based one.

When chickens are put together in a water bath, it increases the risk of spreading bacteria like salmonella and e-coli. The chickens also absorb the chlorinated water — it can account for 2 to 12 percent of the chicken’s weight at purchase. Which is not only less healthy but less delicious. The water dilutes the natural flavor, breaks down the protein and makes for a less crisp skin.

So, it’s with pride that we go the extra miles, as it were, to serve this sustainably raised, incredibly delicious chicken.

We fry up some cutlets, toast a Grandaisy Flauta and spread mayonnaise on the top and Dijonnaise on the bottom. Then on go strips of cutlet, followed by lettuce leaves dressed with lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil.

It’s a classic sandwich, prepared with extra love.

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