Meatball & Provolone: Let's Hear It for Crunch

Meatball & Provolone: Let's Hear It for Crunch

31st Aug 2017

Our Meatball & Provolone may be the most delicious ugly sandwich in town.

It starts out perky enough: meatballs*, tomato sauce, Grana Padano and Provolone Piccante on a Grandaisy ciabatta — which is where most shops might proudly hand it over.

meatball pre squish

You’d try and get your mouth around the two layers of bread, two layers of cheese, some hot, squirting sauce and of course the meatballs. And then the entire bite would be all the same texture. Soft.

That’s why our poor Meatball & Provolone meets the fate that it does: We take that nice, big sandwich and put it under a Panini press for two minutes.

It comes out with perhaps not its prettiest face on, but with its ciabatta crunchy, its cheese melty and with a physique that makes every bite a delicious balance of textures.

Sometimes, we’ve realized, aesthetics have to step aside for taste. And oh, is it worth it...

*Our beef comes from Happy Valley Meat Company in Brooklyn, which works with responsibly operated small family farms in Pennsylvania. Every piece of meat comes labeled with the name of the farmer who provided it — which both ensures accountability and makes for some big-time pride.

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