Montgomery's Cheddar

Montgomery's Cheddar

31st Aug 2017

IMG_0094Animal Milk: Raw Cow
Origin: Somerset, UK
Consistency: Hard
Rennet: Animal (calf)
Fat: 45%
Rind: Cloth

History: Montgomery’s Cheddar began in 1911 when Sir Archibald Langman bought Manor Farm in Somerset, England with the intention of creating traditional cheeses. Three generations later, cheese continues to be produced on the farm by Archibald’s grandson—and world famous cheese master—Jamie Montgomery. On the farm, Jamie oversees every aspect of the cheese, from the grass in which the cows graze to the traditional use of calf rennet. The cheese is then hand formed into large 60lb cylinders and aged for a year or more, giving each batch of Montgomery’s Cheddar a unique, sometimes different flavor. The cheese has been lauded at competitions all over the world and Jamie himself was named Champion Cheesemaker of the World at the 2005 World Cheese Awards.

Flavor: Robust & full, this is a classic & historical cheddar. The fudge-like texture makes it a solid & sturdy cheese with which to reckon. Notes of grass, horseradish, & apple-like acidity make you want reach for...well, an apple. And some roasted meat.

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