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Simple syrups made by Blank Slate Kitchen, a Brooklyn-based company that crafts unique, sustainably-minded pantry ingredients to help people explore, develop and realize their own kitchen creativity. Our products are crafted in New York in small batches, with the finest quality ingredients we can find. When at all possible, we use organic, non-GMO and fair trade sources. These syrups are "Rich" because Blank Slate uses twice the amount of sugar as in a standard simple syrup. What does this mean?  Well to start, one bottle goes much further than a regular simple syrup. It also has a much deeper and more intense flavor from the palm sugar, which imparts rich molasses and caramel flavors instead of just sweetness.

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Palm Sugar: Pure, natural caramel sweetness! This is the base syrup from which the others derive; versatile, yet complex and rich. It’s so much more flavorful than simple syrups made with white sugar; the unrefined palm sugar retains many of its natural nutrients, and even more importantly, all of those great natural flavors – caramel, vanilla and spice tones. It’s very similar to honey or maple syrup, so try it out in place of them in your coffee or tea, or your breakfast or desserts. This syrup is made from the finest quality organic and fair-trade ingredients Blank Slate could find. It starts with all-natural coconut palm sugar; unlike white sugar, this has lots of naturally occurring flavor that isn’t filtered out, with warm caramel and butterscotch tones that go hand in hand with black pepper. Coconut palm sugar is made from the nectar of coconut palm trees, is unrefined and completely natural, has a lower glycemic index, and is rich in nutrients and vitamins. Additionally, palm sugar is considered to be the most sustainable sweetener in the world.

Black Pepper: Inspired by a trip to the spice island Zanzibar, and the incredible black peppers encountered in Cambodia and Borneo, this syrup combines the sharp bite of black pepper with the caramel richness of palm sugar for an intriguing and satisfying addition to your cocktails, desserts, and breakfasts. This syrup has lots of freshly ground organic black pepper for a rich, spicy pepper kick.

Bird's Eye Chili: This packs a bright, fresh punch from these little Thai peppers, tempered and tamed by the clear sweetness of organic cane sugar. A mean margarita is a natural for this syrup, but don’t be afraid to experiment with some heat in your desserts as well. This syrup has lots of Thai bird’s eye chili peppers, giving it a bright, zingy, spicy flavor. 


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