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Look out Gruyere, there are some new Alpines in townand they are good! Master cheese maker Walter Rass, a well-known producer of Appenzeller, has tweaked the ancient-alpine-formula by thermalizing cow’s milk, adding a bit more cream, washing the formed cheese in a brine, and then really letting it age (directly translated, “challerhocker” means “sitting in the cellar”).

Every bit as nutty and delicious as its alpine forefathers, challerhocker is creamier and has an added herbal, nutty depth. Melts magnificently in a sandwich or atop soups and pairs perfectly with an oloroso sherry or a Belgian Tripel Ale.

Country/Region: Toggenburg, Switzerland

Style: Alpine

Milk type: Raw Cow

Aged: 10 Months

Rennet: Animal

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