Charlito's Cocina Uncured Bacon

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Lightly smoked and seasoned with sea salt and maple syrup, this bacon is made with pastured heritage breed pork, raised without the use of antibiotics, and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. It is delicous. The bacon melts in your mouth and the fat renders out beautifully when cooked, and can of course be reserved as a superb cooking and baking ingredient. This is bacon as it should be: Made from good meat, good salt, a touch sweet, and minimally processed, letting the meat, the salt, the maple, and the smokiness shine.

After graduating from the French Culinary Institute, Charles Wekselbaum—or Charlito as his family calls him—decided to forgo the kitchens of New York and follow his passion for charcuterie to Spain. He apprenticed in the towns of Salamanca and Extremadura, learning the centuries old tricks of the trade. By 2011, he found himself making and selling salami stateside under the affectionately titled name “Charlito’s Cocina.” 

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