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January’s mix of goat and cow cheeses from New York and Vermont with Peruvian and Brazilian chocolates. The final day to join the Cheese & Chocolate of the Month Club and enjoy January’s cheeses, meats, and accompaniments is January 18, 2022. All items ship out on January 19, 2022. Indulge with the following cheeses:

1/2 lb Finger Lake Gold: Firm and sweet goat milk gouda cheese from New York. Aged for at least three months, has a strong and distinctive bright and nutty taste. Melts well and can be used alone in a cheese board or over vegetables for a savory dish! Pairs well with IPA’s and malty ales, as well as jams, fruit, and cured meats.

1/2 lb Swallow Tail: Stony Pond Farm’s Swallow Tail Tomme has a lush golden, creamy inside. Made in Fairfield, Vermont and aged for 60 days in a family-owned, certified-organic farm. Hints of button mushrooms and creme fraiche with earthy notes over a lush base. Pairs well with red grapes, jams, and Chardonnay.

Luisa Abram 70% Rio Tocantins: Brazilian chocolate made bean to bar with wild cacao from the Amazon, collected by the riverside communities that preserve the native fruit. A nose of fresh citrus and honey, culminating in a pleasant chocolate flavor.

Cacaosuyo Cuzco 80%: Peruvian dark chocolate with cacao grown in Cuzco, near the famous Incan citadels of Machu Picchu. Sweet and fruity notes that fade into a fresh, herbal and earthy chocolate flavor.




Your subscription is a celebration of the world’s best cheeses and chocolate; from aged Alpines fresh goat cheese, everything tastes better on a tab of single origin cacao.

Our mongers will select two unique cheeses at their peak and two artisanal chocolate bars to be shipped to you every third Tuesday of the month.

You’ll also receive tasting notes that offer our best recommendations to get the most out of your experience. The more you know about your food, the better it tastes!

We ship via Federal Express and your Tasting Kit should arrive the third Wednesday or Thursday of each month depending on the duration of your subscription. You will also receive instructions for storing and handling.

If you’re gifting a subscription to someone special, please CLICK HERE>> to download a notification letter and send to them directly.

Select three, six, or twelve months for your cheese and chocolate club subscription to be shipped right to you.


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