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BKLYN Larder Cheese & Provisions now offers the monthly experience of artisanal cheese delivered right to your door!

Your subscription is a celebration of the world’s best cheeses; from aged Alpines and Goudas to fresh goat cheese and American originals. Our mongers will select three unique cheeses at their peak to be shipped to you every third Tuesday of the month. You’ll also receive tasting notes that offer our best recommendations to get the most out of your experience. The more you know about your food, the better it tastes!

We ship via Federal Express and your Tasting Kit should arrive the third Wednesday or Thursday of each month depending on the duration of your subscription.  You will also receive instructions for storing and handling. Select three, six of twelve months of cheese. If you’re gifting a subscription to someone special, please CLICK HERE>> to download a notification letter to send to them directly.

October’s selections feature exciting offerings of sheep, goat, and buffalo milk cheeses from around the globe. Expand your horizon beyond cow milk cheese. The final day to join the Cheese of the Month Club and enjoy October’s cheeses, meats, and accompaniments is October 18, 2021. All items ship out on October 19, 2021. Indulge with the following cheeses:

Paski Sir – This award-winning hard cheese from the Croation island of Pag is salty and tangy but balanced by subtle, sweet notes that come from the sheep’s milk its made from. The salt and aromatic herbs that go into the sheep’s diet find their way into this full-flavored cheese. Aged for 12 months.

Montbru Suau de Bufala – Unique due to the milk’s origin in Spain, Montbru’s Suau de Bufala starts with both sweet and acidic hints that lead to a bitter aftertaste that begs for another piece. Made from pasteurized buffalo milk (70%) and pasteurized goat milk (30%).

Sandy Creek – An ash and mold ripened goat milk cheese from Goat Milk Dairy with a distinctive layer of ash through the center. It represents the historic stream that flows by the Goat Lady Dairy farm in North Carolina. The ash encourages the growth of a unique mold rind that brings bright & grassy flavors.

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