Made by Parish Hill Creamery (a creamery focused on making cheese the whey things were done before industrialization: with in-house milk, cultures, and rennet), the Cornerstone is a product of the larger Cornerstone project: a collaborative effort by American cheesemakers to develop a new “American Original”- a cheese that isn’t the property of one single cheesemaker (think Jack, Muenster, Swiss, etc).

Buttery and yogurty, with the slightest hint of tangy-funk. Best eaten in thin slices, perhaps paired with similarly-thin slices of apple. We also suggest having roasted almonds nearby- a little sweet, fruity, creamy, and nutty all in one plate.

Country/Region: Westminster West, VT, USA 

Style: American “Original” 

Milk Type: Raw Cow’s Milk  

Age: Minimum 5 months  

Rennet: Animal

Texture: Medium hard 

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