Easter and Passover Catering in Brooklyn, NY

Whether it’s a fully assembled Seder Plate, a juicy brisket, deviled eggs or Easter ham, we offer the most curated items for the Spring Holidays in Brooklyn, NY. Email catering@bklynlarder.com to place your Easter or Passover order today. Please note that some specialty items have advance notice requirements and are in limited supply. Passover orders must be received by 3/19/2021 and Easter orders must be received by 3/29/2021 to guarantee fulfillment.

*Due to overwhelming demand, Easter orders are still currently being accepted. Please call 718-783-1250 for the most up to date menu availabity on April 2nd and 3rd. 

Easter and Passover Catering Menu


Pickled Deviled Eggs: A unique, tangy, and colorful spin on a family favorite.

6 Halves – $7.00

*Hot Cross Buns: Brioche seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg topped off with vanilla icing.

1/2 Dozen – $9.00

*Amy’s Brioche Rolls: Enriched bread with eggs & butter.

Single – $0.75
Dozen – $9.00


Charoset: Pistachios, dried Turkish figs, dried apricots, dried sour cherries, apple cider, honey, bourbon, and cinnamon.

8 oz. – $12.00

Holy Schmitt’s Horseradish: Homegrown ingredients without any preservatives.

Regular or Beet Flavor – $11.00

Hard Boiled Eggs: $1.25 each

Pickled Eggs: $6.00 (1/2 dozen)

Box of David’s Matzoh’s: $7.50


*Honey Glazed Berkshire Ham: Brined for a week prior to baking. (Order by 3/26)

1/2 Ham serves 8 to 10 – $85.00

Roasted Chicken: Brushed with olive oil and herbs. 

1/2 serves 2 – $12.50
Whole serves 4 – $20.00

Leg of Lamb: Leg of lamb roulade stuffed with shank, special seasoning, and dried fruit. (Order by 3/29)

1/2 leg – $87.50
Full leg – $175.00

No Longer Available for Catering Orders – Braised Brisket: Slowly braised beef with carrots, onion, celery and rosemary. Includes 1/2 pint au jus.

Serves 3 to 5 – $50.00


*Broccolini & Orecchiette: $28.00

Roasted Carrots, Ricotta Salata & Pepitas:

Sugar Snap Pees & Radish Salad with Goddess Dressing:

Haricots Verts & Spring Onions:

*Orzo Salad: (contains nuts) $28.00


Chocolate or Almond Macaroons: House-baked customer favorites.

Chocolate – $3.00 each
Almond – 1.50 each

*Coconut Cake: House-baked with butter cream and cream cheese frosting.

Serves 2 to 4 – $25.00

Matzo Toffee Squares: Dark chocolate with Maldon Salt or white chocolate with toasted pecans.

1/2 lb – $7.50
1 lb – $15.00

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta: Sweetened cream with lush passion fruit flavor.  

Individual serving – $5.50
Two servings – $10.00

Chocolate Ganache Tart: Flourless chocolate cake.

Serves 2 to 4 – $12.00

Gift Boxes

Easter Candy Box:  Hammond’s Easter Egg lollipops (2), Hammond’s marshmallow egg, Big Picture’s caramel box, Larder-made Easter egg shortbread, & Anellabee’s honey butter toffee.

Each Box – $65.00

Passover Gift Box: Larder-made Matzo Toffee Squares (1/2 lb bag), Larder Macaroons (3 almond & 3 chocolate), The Matzo Project salted matzo flats and The Matzo Project chips (6 oz bag).

Each Box – $65.00

Easter Chocolate Box: Hammond’s choclate bunny, Pump Street chocolate eggs, Hammond’s marshmallow egg, Pump Street chocolate chicken, Larder-made Easter egg shortbread.

Each Box – $65.00



*Boards come fully prepared and assembled. Gift Boxes require at-home assembly once opened.

Passover Gift Box


Passover Cheese Platter (Requires 24-hour notice): 3 cheeses (1.25 lbs), Larder-made Matzoh Toffee Squares (1/2 bag), BRINS mini Strawberry Lemongrass Jam, Larder-marinated & roasted Almonds, dried cherries, Dardiman’s Mandarin crisps, 3 sheets of Manischewitz matzos. Popular Add-ons are BK Cured Bresaola, BK Cured Smoked Beef, or Larder-made Chopped Liver. This platter requires 48 hour notice. Orders placed for pick up and delivery within the time window will be contacted and postponed. 

Prices are $85.00 – $105.00

Easter Cheese Platter (Requires 24-hour notice): 3 cheeses (1.25 lbs), Larder-made Easter Egg shortbread cookies, BRINS mini Strawberry Lemongrass Jam, 1 Chocolate Foil Rabbit, 1 bag of Jordan Almonds, Rustic Bakery Bunny Cookies, Piedra’s cocoa dusted almonds, dried cherries, & Dardiman’s Mandarin crisps. Popular Meat Add-ons are BK Cured Finocchiona or Elevation Fennel Pollen Salami (one whole, one sliced).This platter requires 48 hour notice. Orders placed for pick up and delivery within the time window will be contacted and postponed. 

Prices are $110.00 – $115.00

Email catering@bklynlarder.com or call 718-783-1250 to place your order today. Please allow for the appropriate advance order times for items noted above. Deadline for Passover catering orders is 3/19/2021 to guarantee fulfillment. Deadline for Easter catering orders was 3/29/2021 to guarantee fulfillment but do to overhelming demand, that has been extended. Please call us for the most up to date menu availability on April 2nd and 3rd.

Local delivery is available in Brooklyn and Queens within a 5 mile radius of BKLYN Larder for $7.00 (free for orders over $50.00).  Manhattan delivery is available for $15 within a specified two-hour window on select days. Manhattan orders Our catering department will be happy to assist you with scheduling.

*While we do not operate a Kosher kitchen at BKLYN Larder, most of our catered menu items are Kosher for Passover with the exception of any starred (*) items. 

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