Elevation Meats Salami Chubs




Elevation Artisan Meats of Denver, Colorado, has a passion for the art of charcuterie and salumi. They continually strive to bring quality goods to their local food scene and beyond. Elevation Meats products can be enjoyed as-is – sliced and served on a charcuterie board, or they can be added to any dish that calls for salumi, such as pizza, or deli sandwiches.

Barley Wine: A play on the beer-mustard combination, this salami is made with bourbon, barrel-aged barley wine, and golden mustard seeds. 

Sea Salt and Black Truffle: This salami is made with Italian black truffles, high quality sea salt and wine-a true respect to the greatest fungi on earth. Made with 100% humanely raised pork.

Basque Salami: An Elevation staff favorite made with Espelette pepper and white wine.  As always, Elevation salami is produced with care, utilizing humanely raised pigs that are raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Fennel Pollen:This traditional recipe is made with imported Italian Fennel Pollen and local red wine. 

Calabrese Salami: This spicy traditional recipe is made with imported Calabria Chiles and local wine. 

*All sizes are 4 oz each.

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