1605 Manchego




Since 1878, Finca Sierra La Solana, has been growing grapes and almonds on their ranch in the region of La Mancha, Spain. Recently, with the help of cheese aficionados Maria Jose (cheese maker) and Jose Luis Martin (cheese selector), they have returned to the ranch’s original roots of producing Spain’s most prized cheese: El Manchego. Made from the milk of a single herd of Mancha sheep, whose feed is also grown on the farm, the cheese is perfectly aged in an unwaxed rind which allows just the right amount of moisture to escape and creating a crumbly-melt-in-your-mouth texture.

We’ve all had that bad Manchego in which heavy salinity destroys any hope of a varied flavor profile, but not the Essex Manchego 1605. It’s grassy and nutty with just the right amount of salt that keeps you coming back for more. Get your tapas party on with some Spanish ham, fresh fruit, and nuts.

Country/Region: La Mancha, Spain

Style: Manchego

Milk Type: Raw Sheep’s Milk

Age: 6-8 months

Rennet: Animal

Texture: Hard

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