We ship to anywhere within the US. If you need international shipping, please contact mailorder@bklynlarder.com for more info. 

If you are interested in shipping multiple boxes, please visit our Corporate Orders section for more information. 

While a majority of our items can be shipped via Ground/ Home Delivery, some of our products require 2-Day shipping. Here’s why:

Bklyn Larder Pastries: We bake all of our pastries fresh daily with no preservatives. Thus, we ask that these items be shipped 2-Day to maintain proper freshness and quality.

Cheese and Salumi: While cheese and salumi are both the result of ancient preservation techniques for dairy and meat tested over thousands of years, we prefer that they still be shipped 2-day and on ice. This method will keep them from being exposed to undesirable heat in transit, which may cause them to melt or go rancid.

Chocolates: Chocolate melts and blooms—especially in the summer. Thus during the hotter months (May-September) we require that all chocolate gift boxes be shipped 2-Day.

Replacements and Returns:

We take great care to pack all of our products to arrive safely and in perfect shape, however things happen. Cheese may melt, pickle jars might break.

Should this happen, let us know immediately by giving us a call at (718) 783-1250 or sending us an email at mailorder@bklynlarder.com.

We will work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order.


We accept the following major credit cards and payment options: American Express, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.