Gatekeeper, Crown Finish Caves




Gatekeeper is a small format, soft ripened cow and sheep’s milk triple crème with complex flavors and a long buttery finish. Made at Old Chatham Creamery in the Hudson Valley, Gatekeeper arrives to Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn, NY when it’s a few days old. Once the rind is developed, they wash the cheese with Graft Cider’s Farm Flor, a traditional American farmhouse-style hard cider that is tart and funky. Gatekeeper develops notes of ramps and orange blossom. This is not your average triple crème! 

  • Producer: Old Chatham Creamery, NY
  • Milk: Pasteurized Sheep Milk, Cow Milk, and Cream
  • Rennet: Microbial
  • Aged: 6-8 Weeks 
  • Size: 3.5 oz round

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