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Artisanal Cheese Platter

Monger's selection of four cheeses cut and displayed with house-made crostini, dried fruit, & roasted nuts.

Small, serves 10-16: $79.00

Large, serves 18-25: $139.00

Charcuterie Platter

The perfect partner to a cheese platter is a selection of imported & local meats cut & displayed with house-made crostini, dried fruit, & roasted nuts.

Small, serves 10-16: $79.00

Large, serves 18-25: $139.00 

Charcuterie & Cheese Platter

The best of both worlds in one. A selection of meats & cheeses from around the corner & around the world paired with house-made crostini, dried fruits, & roasted nuts.

Small, serves 10-16: $79.00

Large, serves 18-25: $139.00 

Additional Charcuterie & Cheese Platter Provisions

Marinated olives, Small: $4.50, Large: $9.00

Duck Liver Mousse: $19.00

Fig or Quince Paste: $19.00

Roasted Almonds, Small: $5.75, Large: $11.00

Spiced Mixed nuts: $12.00

Dried Fruit, Small: $5.00, Large: $12.00

Crudite Platter

Local farm fresh raw vegetables decoratively displayed with our house-made hummus.

One Size, serves 8-10: $59.00 

House-Made Dip Platter

Your choice of three dips served with cut crispy celery & carrots & house-made crostini. One Size, serves 12-20: $59.00

Additional House-Made Dips

Seasonal Pesto: $12.00

Pimento Cheese: $8.50

Spicy Feta: $9.50

Sweet Onion Dip: $8.00

Sandwich Platter

Your selection of a dozen signature & seasonal a la carte sandwiches, labeled, wrapped, cut in half, & beautifully packaged. Sandwich selection is described on the following page.

One Size, serves 12-18: $169.00

Add chips & snacks: $1.50 to $5.00

Breakfast Pastry Platter

1 dozen biscuits & 1 dozen assorted croissants: $75.00 

Add European style butter & jam from BRINS: $12.00

Cookie Platter

2 dozen house-made assorted cookies: $75.00

Choose from Chocolate Chip, Molasses Ginger, Chocolate Coconut Macaroon, Peanut Butter Toffee, Chocolate Caramel Bar.

BKLYN Larder Sandwiches 

Ham & Gruyere

House brined sliced Heritage pork with Gruyere, McClure’s spicy pickles, mayo & a garlic butter rub on Grandaisy ciabatta: $12.50

The Cutlet

Pressed Gionnone chicken breast cutlet on toasted Grandaisy flauta with dijonnaise & lemon dressed red leaf lettuce: $12.50

Grilled Cheese

Melty Gruyere on buttered & pressed sliced Bien Cuit pan de mie: $9.00

Roast Beef Sandwich

House-cured Happy Valley rare roast beef with horseradish mayo, red onions & dressed red leaf lettuce on Grandaisy tondo roll: $13.00

Bacon, Lettuce, Egg

North Country slab bacon, dressed red leaf lettuce & sliced local cage-free organic hard boiled egg on sliced Bien Cuit pan de mie: $10.75 

Salumi & Provolone

Fra’mani Salami Rossa (with pistachios) & provolone piccante with house-made pickled veggie relish on Grandaisy ciabatta: $13.00

Almond Butter & Jam

House-made Almond butter, Brins Strawberry & Lemongrass Jam lighted salted on sliced & toasted Grandaisy whole-grain pullman: $8.00

Turkey & Comte

House made sliced Plainville turkey breast, brined & slow cooked with brown butter rosemary & garlic, sliced Marcel Petit Comte cheese, pickled red onion, dressed red leaf lettuce & mayo on sliced Grandaisy multigrain pullman: $13.00

Tuna Egg & Anchovy

Pole caught wild Albacore American tuna salad, sliced hard boiled cage-free organic eggs, & Agostino Recca anchovies on Grandaisy flauta: $13.00

Entrées & Sides 

Tortilla Espanola with spicy mayo

Classic Spanish tortilla made with multi-colored fingerling potatoes from Finger Lakes Farms. Comes with house-made spicy mayo with Piri Piri hot sauce.

Whole, serves 8-16: $48.00 

Seasonal Quiche

Seasonal vegetarian quiche with farm-fresh vegetables from around the New York area & a buttery crust.

Whole, serves 6-10: $55.00


House made Vegetarian lasagna with sautéed kale, house-made red sauce, fresh Lioni mozzarella, Rustichella pasta, & Grana Padano.

One slice, serves 1-2: $12.5


House-ground Heritage pork butt & Happy Valley beef meatballs with Grana Padano & breadcrumbs.

Small, half dozen serves 4-6: $12.75

Large, dozen, serves 8-10: $25.00

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Giannone chicken drumstick, thighs & wings, marinated in Battenkill Creamery cultured buttermilk & Pimenton el Angel Paprika overnight & fried

3 pieces, serves 1-2: $9.00

Chicken Cutlet

Pounded & fried Giannone chicken breasts coated with house-made bread crumbs.

Each, serves 1-2: $9.50

Roasted Half Chicken

House-brined & roasted Giannone chickens dressed with house-made herbed oil

Each, serves 1-2: $13.50

Sides & Salads

BKLYN Larder is committed to offering seasonal & locally sourced ingredients. Our salads & sides change daily, so call & ask about what’s fresh. We always have variations on a few classics.

Orzo Salad

A fresh pasta salad paired beautifully with golden raisins, fried hazelnuts, scallions & feta

Small, serves 8-10: $35.00

Large, serves 12-18: $50.00

Kale Salad

A crispy kale salad mixed spices & seasonal vegetables!

Small, serves 8-10: $40.00

Large, serves 12-18: $50.00

Marinated Greens

Local & seasonally fresh greens marinated with garlic & vinegar

Small, serves 8-10: $45.00

Large, serves 12-18: $55.00

Olive Oil Crushed Potatoes

Yukon Gold potatoes mixed with Arbequina Oil, & herb-infused cream

Small, serves 8-10: $50.00

Large, serves 12-18: $60.00

Breakfast, Pastries, & Sweets

A La Carte Breakfast

The Frit

Frittata made from local organic cage-free eggs, Grafton Cheddar & chopped scallions on a house-made buttered biscuit, pressed & hot. Add ham or bacon! Put in on a Cheddar Jalapeno biscuit: $7.50


Sausage, Boiled Farm Fresh Egg, Gruyere, Dijonnaise on Pan di Mie: $7.75 


Seasonal Vegetable: $6.75

Tortilla Espanola

Farm Potato, Egg: $6

Whole Grain Toast

with butter & jam: $2.75

Soft Boiled Egg

with celery salt: $1.25 

A La Carte Pastries

Buttermilk Biscuit: $2.50

Cheddar Jalapeno biscuit: $3.00

Plain croissant: $2.75

Chocolate croissant: $3.75

Fruit croissant: $4.75

Ham & Gruyere croissant: $4.75

Chocolate Chip Cookie: $3

Molasses Ginger Cookie: $3

Chocolate Coconut Macaroon: $3

Peanut Butter Toffee Cookie: $3

Chocolate Caramel Bar: $3.00

Cakes & Mini Pastry Loaves

House-made perfectly proportioned cakes & pastries made from locally-sourced ingredients. Each serves 8-10.

Glazed Buttermilk Bundt Cake: $39.00

Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake: $59.00

Almond Cake: $39.00

Pistachio Cake Loaf: $17.00

Chocolate Babka: $14.00

Seasonal Babka: $17-19.00

Olive Oil Cake Loaf: $10.50


Our house made gelato will transport you right to Italy. Made with Battenkill Creamery milk. Ask about our seasonal flavors. Each pint serves 3-4: $9.75

Fior di latte - A classic Italian sweet cream flavor, better than Vanilla!

Chocolate - made with Valhrona & TCHO chocolates.

Cookies & Cream - Fior di latte with crushed house-made salted chocolate shortbread cookies.

Mint Chip - Fior di latte infused with Lancaster Farm fresh mint & chocolate drizzle chunks.

Chocolate Sorbet - Simply our best. Cocoa powder & sugar.

Lemon Sorbet - Simply & tasty. Lemon juice & sugar.


The Fine Print

Please place orders at least 2 days in advance to avoid a rush fee. We charge a 5% service fee for catering orders. Free pick up in store, call for delivery zones & charges.


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