Grana Padano

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It grates like parmigiano, it resembles a parmigiano, it’s a bit nutty,--heck, it’s even sold next to the Parmigiano! But this, Grana Padano, is not Parmigiano. While it’s no doubt grand—at 85-100 lbs a wheel—the “Grana” refers not to it’s size but its grainy texture. The “Padano” refers to the Po River Valley in northern Italy, where the cheese has been made using techniques (the double milking of the cow, cooking the milk twice, brining, and aging for up to two years) mastered throughout centuries by the Cistercian Monks of Chiaravalle.

Yes, you can grate it on things and it will be delicious, but we recommend eating it on its own with a few crackers and perhaps a sweet jam to complement its nuttiness.

Country/Region: Lombardy, Italy      

Style: Grana 

Milk Type: Raw Cow's Milk  

Age: 12 months  

Rennet: Animal 

Texture: Hard 

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