Herdade do Esporão Organic Olive Oil

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Terroir olive oil produced from varieties of Cobrançosa and Arbequina olives using organic production. The fruits are carefully selected from the field to the oil mill, resulting in an authentic and genuine olive oil, full of scents and flavours.

Extraction begins with the rapid milling of the fruit. Following milling, the resulting pulp is subjected to a short threshing at a very low temperature so as to permit the release of the oil from the pulp cells and to preserve the characteristic flavours of this variety, which are reflected in the olive oil. The pulp continues to the decanter, where the olive oil is separated from the olive press-cake and water, resulting in an olive oil that still contains some moisture and impurities. The olive oil is cleaned by means of centrifugation and immediately filtered and then packaged. Being an organic olive oil, it requires careful separation from the field to the bottle.

The olive oil has a very balanced scent with a medium fruitiness, floral aroma and notes of freshly cut grass, green wheat and artichoke. Harmonious, complex, slightly spicy and moderately bitter with a nutty finish. Should be used cold, ideal for boiled, steamed, or grilled veggies, lean fish, and salads in general. 

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