Assorted Leckerlee Lebkuchen Cookie Tins




Traditional German Christmas Cookies in heavyweight and carefully embossed tins. This is the 10th year Leckerlee is baking fresh, authentic Nuremberg lebkuchen in small batches with premium ingredients. The lebkuchen is comprised of 40% almonds and hazelnuts, true to the finest artisanal purveyors in Nuremberg.

Contains 7 Nuremberg mini lebkuchen. Assorted contains 4 Classic and 3 Chocolate minis.
Net weight 9.5 oz.

O Tannenbaum Tin: Warm colors and varied textures create a cozy collage reminiscent of your childhood Christmas tree. Whether yours was decked with handmade treasures or vintage heirlooms, nothing beats your favorite ornament, framed in deep green.

Snowy Pine Tin: In this winter-themed design, you can almost feel the wind whipping across the snow-covered fields, as the pines huddle encased in snow and the snowy owl watches all.

Snow Day Tin: Having sold out several times since its introduction in 2017, the Snow Day tin is the most popular Leckerlee tins. This tin features a charming winter scene of outdoor play at dusk, just after the first snowfall of the year. With a subtle nod to Japanese design, Snow Day depicts children in a wooded land sledding down mountains and making snow angels in between friendly snowball fights.

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