Local Loyalty Program

It’s time for our loyalists to be rewarded with FREE STUFF at BKLYN Larder. Earn rewards on qualified* in-store & local delivery purchases and redeem them for delicious free food. SIGN UP now and start earning today.

Earn Points 

  • Earn 1 Point for every individual qualified purchase* of only $5 or more. (In-store, take out or local delivery only through our direct channels. National shipping is excluded.)
  • Redeem Points for free stuff after 4 qualified purchases.
  • 12 Points is the most you can earn in a 6 month period.
Redeem Points for Free Stuff
  • 4 Qualified Purchases | Award Redemption: One Free Pastry Item
  • 8 Qualified Purchases | Award Redemption: One Free ¼ lb of Cheese
  • 12 Qualified Purchases | Award Redemption: One Free Sandwich or Green Bowl

As a member of the NEW loyalty program you have six months to redeem your rewards. The accrual process will start over every six months. You can start redeeming after 4 purchases or you can save up for something more. Your choice!

Email info@bklynlarder.com or call 718-783-1250 with any questions. *Qualified purchases are defined as purchases through our direct channels for in-store, take-out & delivery. Third Party channel purchases from GrubHub, Seamless, etc do not count towards this loyalty program.

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