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This past Mother's Day, we put together a basket featuring all women artisans, inspired by nurturing, hard working mothers everywhere. So many loved the idea that we decided to create a Father's Day gift basket as well. The Made by Fathers basket features some our favorite artisans, whom are makers as well as full-time fathers. Read below for a couple personal statements on how fatherhood has influenced the ways these makers run their businesses. The Made by Fathers gift basket contains: 
-1 bag of Big Picture Caramel Sea Salt & Vanilla: Goat's milk caramels made by Big Picture Farm- a small hillside goat dairy and farmstead confectionery and creamery located in southern Vermont. The milk used to make their caramels are from their own small herd of 40 goats. The original Sea Salt & Bourbon Vanilla -- the caramel that put Big Picture on the map. It has now received TWO gold SOFIs at the ridiculously Fancy Food Show.
-1 bottle of Blank Slate Szechuan Oil: Tingly, numbing, nuanced, complex, and of course spicy! This Szechuan chili oil is infused with a dozen spices and herbs as well as two types of ground chilis and ground Sichuan peppercorns. Handmade by a New York Times-starred chef, Blank Slate uses all non-GMO and mostly organic ingredients. No preservatives or MSG ever! Perfect as a dumpling sauce, drizzled over noodles or rice, or simple over eggs.
-1 jar of American Spoon Lemon Curd: A traditional curd with a rich custard-like consistency. Spread it on toast or scones like jam at breakfast and at afternoon tea. Or use it to frost cakes, add the finishing touch to cookies, and as the delicious filling in tartlets. Pairs well with blueberries.
-1 box of Hayden Mills Red Fife crackers: Crackers made simply with heritage grains, so that you can taste the natural, savory, delicious grain. The Red Fife pairs well with aged cheddar.  
-1 bottle of Dashfire Bitters Hibiscus: Perfect for adding the perfumed essence of dried flowers to a cocktail without the hassle or commitment entailed in prepping an infusion. Intensely concentrated and flavorful. A beautiful purple, colored from natural Hibiscus.
-1 bottle of Green Wind Maple Syrup, Dark: This maple syrup is made by Green Wind Farm in the maple town capital of the maple county capital of the maple state capital – Vermont. Really. Green Wind Farm makes pure Vermont maple syrup. They also milk 25 Jerseys and produce and preserve most of the food they need for the year in their subsistence gardens and orchard. Each jar is bottled by hand by Pumpkin Village Foods. Pumpkin Village Foods brings the syrup made by Green Wind Farm and lots of other Vermont made products to independent grocers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.
Alex Sorenson - Blank Slate
Running my business while raising my son teaches him important values and lessons. He sees firsthand that you can live life on your terms; prioritize family, freedom, and fun over a steady paycheck; and be all the richer for it. Hustling, organization, prioritization, doing things the right way, and juggling roles are challenging, but they are vital for accomplishing goals and getting what you want out of life. Thinking of his future, I'm also driven to find more sustainable sources of ingredients and minimize negative impacts on our world. 
Lee Egbert - Dashfire Bitters 
As the founder of a family owned business–and the father of a watchful daughter–I find the example we provide in our business is an important one. That's why we only use tasteful advertising and treat our staff and our customers with the utmost respect. Our core values are in tune with the important issues of today. We love to motivate and spark creativity in our customers, hence our slogan "Find Your Fire!" 

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