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A friend just buy a new house? Your favorite college graduate moving out on their own? Whatever the occasion, this gift is the perfect way to make sure they're ready to begin their new future eating good food and well-stocked. The Pimp Your Pantry gift box contains: 
-1 tin of Omed Picual OilFrom a small family farm in Granada, Picual is an award winning oil. This oil tasting notes of green tomato, with a medium green fruitiness of fruits and grass.
-1 bottle of BalsamelaOrganic sweet Apple Balsamic vinegar. This delicious sweet apple balsamic vinegar is the result of cooking over fire organic apple juice and organic apple vinegar. Use liberally over grilled veggies, on desserts, or a classic vinaigrette. 
-1 bag of Halen Mon Salt: Sourced from the Menai Strait around Angelsey (which is in Northern Wales), the saltwater begins the filtering process naturally by passing through a mussel bed and a sandbank. It is then gently boiled down to a brine and dispensed into crystallization tanks. Once the crystals have formed (which are now salt), they are picked by hand and given a final rinse to make them shine. The outcome? A perfectly flaky salt with a clean, slightly sweet finish.
-1 Butcher Brothers Better Pepper mill: If you know your pepper, you know that freshly ground, properly sourced peppercorns can make all the difference. Better Pepper is intensely flavorful- even their smell packs a punch. Use in daily cooking, seasoning meats, and on your eggs! Made in small batches in Brooklyn by Lloyd and Aydan- the Butcher Brothers. 
-1 jar of Catskills Ketchup: Catskills ketchup is sweetened with only a slight amount of honey. No sugar, corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup is added. No preservatives, so the sodium level is low, naturally. The flavor is perfection!
-1 jar of Bauers Mustard: In 1888, August Bauer started making his now-signature classic mustard and mustard with horseradish on Metropolitan Avenue in Queens. This classic prepared mustard, somewhere between a yellow and dijon, is the perfect condiment to always have at the ready!
-1 jar of Blackberry Farm's Blackberry jamAll Blackberry Farm products are made using produce from their Farmstead. With a vast number of vegetables from their gardens and foraged goods from their surroundings, their chefs and artisans have the “raw materials” to provide an array of culinary creations. Their fresh Blackberry Jam is made with golden cane sugar, lemon juice and local blackberries, picked from their neighbor’s farm right up the road in Kodak, Tennessee.
-1 jar of BKLYN Larder Almond Butter: We freshly grind carefully sourced almonds to the right consistency and season with salt. That’s it. No weird additives and stabilizers. Almond butter is deliciously nutty and smooth-  ideal for morning toast. 
-1 bottle of Hamptons Honey: The Hamptons Honey Company produces delicious raw honey with help from their network of local Long Island beekeepers, all of whom are committed to chemical-free and humane practices.
-1 bottle of Queen Majesty's Jalapeno Tequila Lime hot sauceQueen Majesty Hot Sauces are handmade in NYC using carefully selected ingredients. All-natural, original, and award-winning recipes are gluten free, vegan and contain no sugar. Fresh Jalapeño gives this sauce a distinctly Baja zing, amplified by the clear flavors of white tequila & plenty of lime juice. What takes this sauce to the next level is the sweet/tart flavor that comes from the green apple. 
-1/2 pint of Dried Apricots: Delicious, juicy dried Californian Apricots. Perfect for snacking, in granola, or on your cheese board. 
-1 bar of Sol Cacao chocolateSol Cacao is an artisan “bean to bar” chocolate manufacturer that crafts single origin chocolate bars in the South Bronx (Port Morris). Founded by three brothers, Dominic, Nicholas and Daniel, ​Sol Cacao offers three chocolate bars that are made only from two simple ingredients: cacao beans and raw cane sugar. The Peru bar is silky smooth complemented by fruity and light citrus notes. 
-1 bag of BKLYN Larder GranolaOur kitchen bakes this granola fresh each week. Rolled oats get sweetened with vanilla extract, brown sugar and honey. Then we pack in the goodies: almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, dried cherries, and dried apricots.

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