Gourmino Gruyere 18 month




Le Gruyère AOP 18 month is one of the award winning cheeses that comes from Gourmino. This cheese in particular is the product of the hard work of three master cheesemakers; Michael Spycher, Urs Leuenberger, and Michael Hanke. 

The diet of the cows is so aparent in the flavor profile of this cheese, as you’ll taste mountain flowers and alpine herbs that are typical of the region of Switzerland the cows graze.

Country/Region: Switzerland

Milk Type: Raw Cow’s Milk  

Age: 18 months

Rennet: Animal 

Texture: Hard 

Pairing: Enjoy with a malty beer from the Bklyn Larder fridge, or grab some Old Brooklyn mustard, Crisp and Co Pickles, and enoy with some Bklyn Larder Crostini!

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