Crown Finish Caves, Bandaged Bismark




A cloth-aged, sheep’s milk cheddar, aged in NYC’s Crown Finish Caves. This cheese is a delicious combination of elements (milk, lard, age) to impart a sweet and tart profile that “tastes like strawberries but also like cotton candy and also like fresh dewy grass”. 

This cheese is also an incredible example of local, NY institutions coming together to complete a product. The thermized sheep milk comes from Grafton Village Cheese Company, and the lard that it’s rubbed & aged in comes from Marlow and Daughter’s in Williamsburg!

Country/Region: Grafton VT/ NYC, Crown Finish Caves

Style: Cheddar

Milk Type: Thermalized Sheep’s Milk  

Age: 5 months

Rennet:  Microbial 

Texture: Hard 

Pairing: Pair this with any of the jams from our friends at Trade Street

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