BKLYN Larder Nut Butters




Many have called our nut butters the best they have ever tasted. Their reaction doesn’t surprise us because, like everything that comes out of our kitchen, our nut butters are made from simple, true ingredients. First we take the best almonds, cashews, and peanuts we can source and toast them. Then we freshly grind them to the right consistency and season with salt. That’s it. No weird additives and stabilizers. 

Our almond butter is deliciously nutty and smooth-  ideal for morning toast. In the store we combine with jam for the perfect almond butter and jelly sandwich.

There is no denying that peanut butter is a classic pantry item in everyone’s kitchen. Knowing that, we do are best to make sure our peanut butter is the best it can be. Fresh toasted Virginia peanuts are ground and then combined with salt, and that’s it. It’s definitely what you would call a “chunky” peanut butter. Great for baking (In the store we use it for our peanut butter and toffee cookies) or classic PB&J sandwiches.

Our cashew butter is definitely the star of the show. This unbelievably creamy cashew butter is the perfect nut butter alternative to anyone tired of the almond/peanut classics!

Choose from Almond or Peanut. 1, 12 oz. Jar

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