BRINS Jam is handmade in small batches using whole fruit & fresh spices. Zero preservatives, less sugar, and never any chemicals. Every jar tells a story. BKLYN Larder is thrilled to carry an extensive collection of flavors from BRINS Jam.

Chili Pepper – Spicy chili peppers are cooked down in a bath of apple cider vinegar, ginger root, garlic and a touch of lime juice. This jam has a smooth lingering spice with a kick of flavor from all sides.

Strawberry Lemongrass – Ripe red strawberries­ with citrusy, herbal lemongrass for a light twist on everyone’s childhood favorite.

Cherry Chai – Local New York sour cherries are cooked with warming spices of masala chai: cinnamon, cardamon & ginger.

Banana Jam – Tropical & fruity bananas meet real vanilla bean. Mellow vanilla rounds out the boldness of sweet bananas to create this simple, comforting jam.

Lemon Saffron – Thin sliced whole lemons are slow simmered with sustainably sourced Herati saffron threads.

Rosemary Grapefruit – Briny, herbal rosemary & zesty, sweet grapefruit fuse together to make this complex and versatile marmalade.

Blueberry Sumac – Wild blueberries are cooked with salt cured, equitably sourced, wild, Turkish sumac berries.

Unicorn Garden – A new, limited edition flavor created in collaboration with The Met. A sensory interpretation of the famed “The Unicorn in Captivity” Tapestry housed at the Met Cloisters. Fragrant and fruity with hints of aromatic rose.

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