Essex St. Comté, Marcel Petite




What Gruyere is to Switzerland, Comté is to France; a traditional alpine cheese made from hard pressed raw cow’s milk (the Montbéliarde breed to be exact) and aged to perfection in cool, dark caves scattered amongst the foothills of the alps. This particular comté comes to us from celebrated affineur Marcel Petite. Their team sources the best comté wheels from various French dairies, or “fruitiéres”, and then ages them for over a year in the re-purposed army fort of Saint-Antoine—to give it a “fighting” chance!                  

This comté is silky and slightly citrusy. Yet, it retains that long-lasting nuttiness we love in an alpine. Great on sandwiches (we use it in the store on our famous turkey- comté) and pairs well with fresh fruits and, of course, the famous Vin Jaune of the region 

Country/Region: Franche-Comté, France

Style: Alpine 

Milk Type: Raw Cow’s Milk 

Age: 12 months 

Rennet: Animal 

Texture: Hard 

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