L’Amuse Signature 2-year Gouda




An aged Gouda from Essex Cheese, this gouda is born at the Cono cheesemaking plant in Northern Holland, where wheels are hand-selected and sent to Betty Koster at the L’Amuse cheese shop. There, Betty matures them to her own specifications, in an environment warmer than that of traditional gouda-aging facilities. This increased temperature during aging is one of many practiced techniques that brings out deep, complex flavors that otherwise take much longer to present themselves.

All the flavors that you want from a well-aged gouda are here: butterscotch, hazelnuts, bourbon—but there is an added savory layer of flavor that makes this particular gouda far more well-balanced than some of its counterparts. 

Country/Region: Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands  
Style: Gouda, Pressed  
Milk Type: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk 
Age: 22+ months  
Rennet: Animal 
Texture: Hard 

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