Mike’s Hot Honey




In 2004, the founder Mike Kurtz made the first batch of his signature hot honey to share with friends and family. Mike started drizzling hot honey on pizzas at the pizzeria where he worked, and it wasn’t long before customers asked him if they could buy bottles to take home. Then Mike’s Hot Honey was born!

Mike’s Hot Honey is a sweet-heat combo of honey infused with chili peppers. All natural, gluten-free, paleo-friendly and contains no artificial sugar or preservatives. Made with 100% pure honey sourced from domestic beekeepers, chili peppers, and vinegar. Mike’s first pairing was to drizzle his creation over his favorite food, pizza. Try Mike’s Hot Honey on your favorite foods too. Drizzle on cheeses, fried chicken, BBQ, mix into dressings and cocktails and even pour over ice cream. 


Choose between a 12oz squeeze bottle or a 1.88oz mini jar. 

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